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- ng & node developer && UX & UI designer -

I'm eager to learn new things

Hello there, my name is Vid Repar and I'm a Web Design and Development Diploma graduate ( SAE Institute in partnership with Middlesex University London ). My focus is Javascript, using the tools built upon: node, angular, mongoose ( mongoDB ). I use Adobe Suite and Blender when designing complex UX's & UI's; but Photoshop and Illustrator for the most part.

I enjoy the whole process of working on Web or Mobile projects and love to grow and develop, especially when huge challenges arise. I appreciate honest communication to create great experiences and enjoy working within amazing teams where I can use my skills to create meaningful solutions.

My career in the field started in June 2010 in a small startup with design & managment tasks as my main priority. After a wild and an empowering ride of startup journey came to an end I attended National Coding Course and started handball youth coaching. I gained National Web Developer Certificate and EHF Coaching License as a result of my interdisciplinary endeavours. In October 2016 I graduated in the field of Web Design & Development at SAE Institute. I am “fluent” in programming, design, sports, architecture, organization and personal development. In the years of exploration I sharpened my sense of aesthetics and developed analitical thinking.

I take projects for which I believe will take me towards mastering my craft; and at least two requirements need to be fullfiled: honest communication & project attractiveness. I’m also very open to group projects as well as give helpful and honest advice if needed.


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